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The BEST Open-Source Fermi Questions Practice Test for Science Olympiad
How you can help support this website
This site has taken a tremendous amount of time to build, perfect, and maintain. The question bank alone took me several days of manually scraping the internet and verifying the answers. If you use this site, I would greatly appreciate any support you can offer. This helps motivate me to continue working on this project, and helps me justify the amount of time I spend on it!

Because I know firsthand that students rarely have spare money to donate, I have a variety of other ways you could help support me. Consider:
  • Starring this project on Github so it looks good to potential employers
  • Sending me a supportive email at: eric (at) andrechek (dot) com
  • Turning off your adblocker on this site to help it make some passive revenue
  • Helping add to the question bank or adding features to the website via the Github page
  • Sending me money through one of the following methods so I can go into marginally less college debt:
About this site
This website was written by me, Eric Andrechek. When I was a high school student participating in Science Olympiad, I found that every week a new fermi questions website had popped up, and an old one had gone down. After growing frustrated with never finding an easy-on-the-eyes, functional, reliable, online practice test, I set out to make my own.

This website was built in plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It uses a CSS library called Bulma, to help make it look pretty with as little work as possible. It also uses a JavaScript library called Darkmode-JS, to make the website dark mode compatible and allow you to switch between dark and light themes.

The goal behind this simple website is to make it as reliable and stable as possible. While some of the features require a more modern browser, the idea is that the entire website can function without a server. This means that, thanks to Github Pages, there are no hosting costs, so this website should be around and available for a very long time.

Finally, after building an earlier version of this website, I have decided to open source this one. I want to be able to allow students using the site to fix any bugs they might notice. Open sourcing the site, and question bank, also means that anyone can download all the questions and answers, and can even help contribute to the site by adding more.

Want to add more questions and answers to this list? Notice an incorrect answer? Have suggestions to make the website better? Open an issue to contribute.